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The floating lens travel blog sumil dutta bangalore india

A year full of fun, learning, earning and travel blogging – Thank you readers !!!

The end of March marked my first full year of travel blogging.  I can’t believe it has been one full year already.  Time has flown by and I have genuinely enjoyed becoming a travel blogger and starting up ‘The Floating Lens’.  For the past year, I have been keeping traffic statistics and income made from […]

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Bhoga nandeeshwara temple - bangalore travel blog

Weekend trips: Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, the less famous cousin of Nandi Hills

Stepwells have always fascinated me a lot. So when I came to know about one being present at Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple it became a must visit place for me. Located at a distance of 60kms from Bengaluru city, Nandi Hills is a very famous picnic spot for weekends. At the base of this hill is […]

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photography contests_the floating lens_bangalore travel blog sumil dutta

10 photography contests that can win you big recognition and money

With the quantum leap in digital photo processing it has become easier and affordable to capture and store photos now-a-days. This has led to many people taking up photography as profession or hobby. If you are one of those who want to achieve fame and recognition in this field then photography contests are the best […]

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