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10 reasons to plan your next vacation in Bali

If I ask you what your dream vacation place is, I am sure beaches will come on top. One such destination being Bali in Indonesia. Each year over 3-million visitors are expected to arrive in Bali, a famous vacationing and honeymoon destination for couples. Many visitors end up coming again and again to spend their vacation in bali. Most of the times to explore islands nearby

This makes me think why so many people come to visit Bali every year?

Let’s look at some of the top reasons to plan you next vacation in Bali.
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The Beaches

Whether you want to relax on the beach, surf on the waves or want to enjoy water sports, Bali beaches have something for everyone. The waves here are an open invitation to surfers throughout the world. Even if you are an amateur this is a great place to learn some moves. The sunrise and sunset are one of the best experiences of everyone’s vacation in Bali. When going into the ocean watch out for the rip tide locations marked with red flags, these points will pull you inside the water. Tides can sometimes be a little tricky to predict so always be in the vision range of the life guard for safety and enjoy your beach affairs.


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The Weather

To enjoy a good vacation weather is the most important factor. The good news is that Bali has some of the best weather anywhere in the world. The temperature remains relatively steady throughout the year with major changes being in the humidity levels during the summers and winters. While rain showers keep the islands green and lush, every island has an area where the sun shines almost every day of the year. When the trade winds are blowing, the cool breezes make for a perfect day in paradise.

The People

The people of Bali are the happiest and most courteous people i have ever met. The smile on their faces is a testimony to this. Indonesia as a culture believes in being tolerant and caring for each other. Part of the reason is that tourism is the major “industry” in Bali and almost every family has someone who works in the tourist industry. But don’t take them for granted as Indonesian laws are not very tolerant so you better be not on the wrong side of law.


The Culture

Balinese culture is a mix of Balinese Hindu/Buddhist religion and Balinese custom. The people in Bali are very tolerant and welcome visitors. Renowned for its diverse art forms such as sculpture, painting and wood carvings, Bali boasts of a very diverse art culture. Bali is truly a melting pot of many cultures. Almost 80% of island residents claim ancestry of two or more races. I would encourage all visitors to learn about the cultures and history of the people during their vacation in Bali.


The Volcanoes

There are 3 major volcanoes in Bali with all of them being active.

Batur is the most active volcano on the popular tourist island of Bali and one of Indonesia’s more active ones. During the past centuries, Batur has had a number of small eruptions every few years. Thanks to the scenic beauty of the caldera with its lake and the cone of Batur, it is one of Bali’s most popular destinations.

Bratan is a large caldera of unknown age in north-central Bali, Indonesia. It measures 11 x 6 km and contains 3 lakes – Danau Tamblimgam, Danau Buyan, and Danau Bratan. The area is know of its scenic beauty and hot springs.

Mount Agung or Gunung Agung last erupted in 1963-64 and is still active, with a large and very deep crater which occasionally belches smoke and ash. From a distance, the mountain appears to be perfectly conical, despite the existence of the large crater.

This stratovolcano is the highest point on the island. It dominates the surrounding area influencing the climate. The clouds come from the west and Agung takes their water so that the west is lush and green and the east dry and barren.


The Ocean

Where there are islands, there is water, and Bali has a wide assortment of ocean activities of which you can partake.

For those who want to ride the waves, Bali has some of the best surfing, boogie boarding and windsurfing spots in the world. If you enjoy getting under the water, there are great scuba diving and snorkelling activities in beaches like Nusa Dua.

If you want to stay mostly dry, there is are great catamaran and other sailing tours, whale watches, zodiac raft tours, sunset and dinner tours, and some of the best deep sea fishing the world. You can even soar high above the waves by parasailing.

The waters of Bali have beautiful reef fish, green sea turtles. Whatever way you choose to enjoy the waters of Bali, be safe.

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The Food

For most of the last century, the food in Bali consisted primarily of the traditional foods of the numerous cultures in the island – Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Balinese and even Indian.

The cost of food can vary a lot depending on your choice of food. While local food can be had between $0.5 – $1. A proper european or Indian dinner can set you back by $10 -15$.

Most visitors continue to enjoy at least one commercial ‘warung’ during their vacation in bali. In a ‘warung’ the food can range from quite good to really disappointing depending on your tastes.
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The Shopping

Believe me, there is a lot more to shopping in Bali than the high end stores of Malls.

For me, they’re a bit too expensive, so my tastes head to some of the more affordable roadside vendors at Poppies lane or Legian Street. Even better are some of the numerous craft shows, farmers’ markets and flea markets that you’ll find in interiors like Ubud. I’ve found some beautiful, locally crafted woodwork and other art. Whatever your price range may be, you’ll surely find some great memories to take home from your vacation in bali. So be sure to leave some empty room in your suitcase.


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The Nightlife

Bali has long been a center for clubbing and going out at night. Nearly half a century ago, the island was a popular stop for hippies and surfers. Its relaxed and tolerant culture has allowed a thriving party scene to grow over the decades. Its relative proximity to Australia, Japan, Singapore and the continous stream of visitors turned Bali into a world-class destination for nightlife.

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Bali has no enforced opening and closing times for clubs and discos allowing them to stay open till late. The music sometimes goes on till sunrise. Although the real parties and action happens after midnight, going out might start early, with happy hours available in many restaurants, bars, and clubs. Sunset drinks are a daily pastime, whether in a luxurious beachside lounge in Seminyak or on a bench by the waves in Kuta.

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The Geography

When I was on my first vacation in Bali in 2013, the single thing that made me want to return again was the sheer beauty of the islands. On that first trip I explored the length and breadth of Bali on my rented scooter.

Bali has everything from beach, water, lakes to hills, so you can plan a different experience for every part of the day. Scooting through the winding roads between the villages was an amazing experience for me. Also the more you move towards the interior of island atmosphere becomes cooler and more ambient.

Still need anymore reasons to vacation in Bali? Let me know your views and opinions if you have already explored Bali. I am waiting to hear from you.

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