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Travelling abroad tips

10 things you must do before travelling abroad

Done with the booking and ready to pack your bags? Make sure you check these important things before travelling abroad and avoid unnecessary hassles.

  1. Travel insurance

Three years back in my trip to Bali, a tiny sharp gravel went into my feet when I was enjoying the waterfall. In next couple of days it went on to become a swollen septic hole, the medical intervention with a tetanus injection and little cleaning and bandage cost me $150 which would normally cost me $ 7-10 in India. Luckily I had a travel insurance to take care of this financial surprise.

Travel insurances take care of your baggage loss, passport loss and any medical expenses arising out accidents. The premium amount will be few dollars but it is a must have when you are travelling abroad.

  1. Passport photocopies

When travelling abroad passport is the only proof of your nationality and legal existence in the visiting country. If you lose it then a long legal battle awaits you in a country where no one knows you. Scary isn’t it? It’s always wise to keep few copies of your passport separately in all your baggage. Even if not original they will provide you great relief in getting new passports issued and help from your embassy.

  1. Visa application photos (For VOA)

Every country has its own requirements for visa photos, of different size and background colours. Make sure you click photos according to these. If you forget don’t worry you might find these facilities in the visiting country too but be ready to loosen your pockets in dollars.

  1. Drug regulations

I know you don’t do drugs but when I say drug regulations it’s more on the medical front. A medicine from one country might be banned in another so you need to be careful on this front. If it’s a very essential medicine then make sure you keep your prescriptions along with you. Commonly used Indian drugs like Dcold, Vicks action-500 , lomofen are banned in US and other countries.

Even sometimes it is spices. Like Poppy seeds or khus khus a regularly use spice in Indian cooking is banned in UAE and other gulf countries, you may face imprisonment for carrying it with you.

  1. Check entry / exit fees

Don’t forget to check these fees which vary from none to hundred dollars based on your span of stay and the country regulations. Sometimes these are also termed as airport taxes.

  1. Activate international debit/credit

This again out of personal experience when I was left red faced in front of my wife when THREE of my so called international debit cards didn’t work and her single one worked perfectly. Turns out sometimes you should inform your bank even if you have an international card.

  1. Convert the money

To save yourself from situations above it’s really important that you convert some money into US Dollars. Why? Cos dollars can be exchanged anywhere. Also make sure you convert your local currency to dollars in your home country, that way you get better rates as compared to a third country.  Avoid conversion at airports they charge heavily for the service.

  1. Local guidebook

If travelling abroad for the first time to a new country then make sure you have some guide book to get a know how about the places to visit, local food, language. This will save you a lot of time.

  1. Travel adapter

Sad truth but you can’t live without your mobile phones , ipads and cameras so don’t forget to take a travel adapter with you. The electrical sockets in different countries vary from flat pins to round sockets to two pins. Also the voltage configurations vary from country to country so it would be wise to carry good travel adapter that can take care of these and keep your expensive gadgets safe.

  1. Spare set of cloths

With so many people travelling internationally nowadays it not unusual for your baggage to miss the flight, especially in connecting ones. Till the time the baggage reaches you a spare set of cloths in your hand baggage should do the job. If this ever happens to you, I know you will bless me for the tip!

I am sure if you have checked up on all these things then you won’t require anything else.

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