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5 free attractions in Dubai for great travel photos

What’s the point of visiting a glamorous city like Dubai and not pose for pictures. But clicking cool photos doesn’t mean you have to spend a bomb for shoot worthy locations, after all you spent a bomb on the flight tickets. So today I bring you some of the free attractions in Dubai where you can click the most amazing photos, group photos and selfies !!

Sheikh Zayed road

If New York has Times Square then Dubai has Sheikh Zayed road, it’s the lifeline of dubai and has all the skyscrapers lined up on both its sides. Another click worthy place!

Dubai Mall

This is the biggest mall in the world with some amazing experiences lined up for its visitors. If you want to be clicked with sharks without getting bitten then this is the place to be. The mall exhibits a huge aquarium containing many species of sharks, stingrays and many more.  You can easily click a photo with the aquarium in background. Weekends are a bit rushed up in here so plan your visit accordingly.

The mall also houses some of the biggest showrooms for luxury brands. There is also a skeleton of an ancient dinosaur in one of the many atriums in this mall. Your next point for selfies.

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Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

Once at the courtyard side of Dubai mall you will come across the famous musical fountain. On the backdrop side stands the majestic Burj Khalifa – the tallest building on earth. The tall jets of water dancing to the tunes of music are a visual treat. What else can be a better point to click pictures? The fountain is operational only in the evening between 7-8 pm . Again the weekend not applies here.

Jumeirah Beach

Get clicked on the beach against the backdrop of high-end luxury residential skyscrapers. One of the very premium residential and entertainment areas of Dubai , Jumeirah Beach gives some of the best views of Dubai. You can also see and probably get clicked with some of the most exotic cars and bikes in Dubai. A fleet of Ferraris was a pretty regular catch for me whenever I visited JBR.

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Dubai Marina

An extension to the Jumeirah beach, Dubai Marina is the residential and commercial boulevard of Dubai. This part of the town is for the ultra rich people who park boats in front of their apartments. A very eye catching landmark here is the twisted tower known by the name of Cayan Tower. I am sure you will love to get snapped in front of it. It’s the highest twisted tower in the world.

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Its not that Dubai is only about luxury and gold. There’s more to Dubai than what meets the eyeAny more free attractions in Dubai that you want to tell us about ? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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    1. Sure bharath do visit whenever you get the chance. I am sure you will find the attractions in Dubai better than what i have narrated.

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