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5 ways in which travelling boosts your career

Travelling done in any way is always a rejuvenating experience for your emotional self. Some of the experiences can develop qualities in you which can boost you in your professional career. Don’t believe travelling boosts your career? Let’s have a look what you get out of it.

Learn new things

When we work in the same cubicle and home for a long time, we become very adept in doing things on a daily basis but it’s the same process. Travelling will take you to different places with different ways of living and working. You might come across people doing the same job in a more innovative way. Companies spend a lot of money to understand how their processes can be made more efficient and economical. Just imagine how much benefit would that do if you were the one who could streamline the process. You might not re-invent the wheel but maybe put rubber on the wooden ones.

Ok I am just being too optimistic but then you still have some experiences to share with your peers which can bring back the alpha status to you.

Willingness to explore

When travelling to a new place everything is unknown to you, this increases your willingness to explore. You are more open to experiment in routes, food and also your way of living. In your career It is the same nature of yours which made you take strong decisions or different approach to a particular job in the initial part of your career but somehow with the passage of time you have become safer in your choices sticking to more conventional ideas. Once you redevelop this attitude to explore you will approach your problems in a different way and leave the monotonous crowd behind.

Communication improves

Communication is a very important part of travelling. Whether you know the local language or not you have to communicate to people to ask for places or directions to places, more so if you are going to travel with someone local to that place. You have to pay a keen attention to the instructions being told to you, if you miss out any of them you might end up in a wrong place.

When working, this experience will help you in breaking the ice with new people or with new employees. This can give you a head start in your relations with the person.

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Your network grows with variety

Working in the same cubicle keeps your network limited to the same set of people. When travelling you will come across many different people with different skill sets, as you talk to them you make them aware of yourself and vice versa for you. Considering the dynamic way in which today’s business works some of these contacts might help you in business someway or other.

Don’t believe me on this? Then why send connect request to random people on Linkedin!! Yes now you get it.

Problem solving skills improve

Travelling does have its own way of throwing challenges at you. A flat tyre on the way to airport, losing travel documents or theft of belongings, sometimes you end up in these kinds of situations when you need to keep your calm and arrive at an alternative solution. Most of the times it’s only you who has to create a solution without depending on others.

If you start applying the same principle at work then sure there’s no stopping you from growing.

Well, if none of the above are helping then don’t worry, still you will have great stories and amazing pictures to share with your friends and family. So what’s stopping you? Stuff your bags and hit the road!!!



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  1. I completely agree with improved problem solving and communication. I can’t count the number of vacation’s I’ve been on where the I’ve gotten lost and had to either figure it out myself or ask someone.

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