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basic photography tips_the floating lens

10 basic photography tips to click beautiful pictures

All of us love to click good photos. At times some of the photos don’t turn out good because of our lack of knowledge of few basic photography tips that can make a big difference. Let’s have a look at few of them.

  1. Check the position of light source

One of the most important things in photography is light. Whenever clicking photos make sure the subject is facing the light so that all the features are visible properly. While clicking photos, do not stand in between the light source and subject as it will cast your shadow on the subject.

basic photography tips_the floating lens
Light source is behind subject…………………Light source is in front of subject…………..Light source is on side of subject


  1. Use daylight to maximum

Sunlight is the best source of uniform light for any kind of photography. It illuminates the subject uniformly resulting in clearer details. Sunlight also highlights the colors in the same spectrum as we see through our naked eyes so pictures clicked in sunlight appeal more to us.


  1. Follow the horizontal and vertical lines

A photo in which the lines appear aligned to the edges looks more beautiful and organized. Make sure you have the grid option switched on when clicking photos. This way you will never end up with non-aligned photos.


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  1. Click discreetly

The moment you tell someone to look at the camera they lose the emotion and become conscious of it. Photos with natural expressions look more beautiful so try to click pictures discreetly.


  1. Frame the subject properly

Framing the subject is very important as it can make or break your picture. Do not capture a standing subject in horizontal frames .Same way a horizontal subject in vertical frame is a strict no-no. Understand your primary and secondary subjects.



basic photography tips


  1. Avoid symmetrical pictures

Always keep the grid display on. When capturing a person against a landscape behind, make sure they don’t stand in center of landscape. Make them stand a little off centered (on the 1/3rd or 2/3rd line of the grid so as to give equal importance to the landscape behind. Framing the subject in slight off centered manner allows your eye to move into other corners of the photograph.


  1. Avoid using flash

Lighting through flash is very harsh and hence should be used sparingly. For most basic cameras and smartphones you will end up with a red-eye which will spoil the whole effort.  If you recollect most professional photographers would use a diffuser like umbrella or point their flash away from the subject to create that diffused effect and create softer tones.


  1. Keep hands steady

A very essential requirement of photography. For people with shaky hands I would advise to breathe calmly before clicking the picture or use a steady support like wall to rest your hands on. If you are using eye-piece then it’s easier to keep the camera steady with your forehead too. If the space permits then you can also use equipments like tripod for your benefit.


  1. Avoid Zoom

It’s always advisable to move the closest possible to you subject while clicking photos. More the optical zoom, more are the chances of shaking. More the digital zoom your image pixels will get distorted and the picture will appear grainy.

The extra background can always be cropped if not required but by keeping the zoom to minimum you will retain the clarity of the image.

  1. Be patient

The golden rule for photography. Good pictures come with time and patience.


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Have any more basic photography tips that you would like to share with me ? Lemme know in the comments section below.

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