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Lessons learnt from the life of a tree

Of all the life forms on earth tress are the most important ones, while all others are consumers trees are the producers. Take them off the food pyramid and all other species will perish. But apart from this there is more to them than what meets the eye. Life of a tree can teach us many important aspects of life and how to deal with them. Few points below are what i learnt from them.

Beginnings are always small

Every tree is a small sapling in the beginning. When small it struggles with many natural elements, animals but hold its ground. It never gives up and grows slowly. With passage of time it gets nourishment, strength to become a strong plant. Same way in our life we should start with small beginnings and have the patience to reach till the end. Small beginnings make it easier for us to control and scale things as and when required. It is not overnight that one grows to a strong position.

Most care is required in the beginning

More than the tree it is the sapling which requires care and attention. If we nurture the sapling in the young stage it will grow up to be a healthy and strong tree. Same way in life whether it is kids, new relations, and new place, the initial time span is the one which requires our utmost attention, patience and care. If we give our attention and time to everything in an initial stage then on longer run it will be easier for us and won’t require the same attention.


Strengthen you roots before growing higher

A tree always strengthens its roots before growing higher above ground. It spreads them with a dense network to the maximum extent so that it gets better hold. Same way in our life we should always aim at strengthening our foundations when learning anything. If our basic are clear then it would be easier to grow our knowledge.

One must learn the balancing act

A tree evenly distributes its branches which help in standing upright for whole life. If this distribution is not proper then it can result in the tree falling down. Same way in our life we must strike a balance between our body, soul and material desires. Running behind materialistic fulfilments without taking care of body and soul will result in an irreparable breakdown of the body. Same way too much of holistic approach will disconnect us from the material world and we might not be able to fulfil our responsibilities towards our friends and family.

One should adapt to every season

A tree is subjected to different seasons but it stands tall by all of them. It flourishes during rains, then sheds it leaves during summers, from beautiful to ugly it transforms itself to adapt to the conditions. Same way in our lives we pass through different situations and should face all of them bravely sometimes with losses and sometimes with wins.

Give without expectations

Life of a tree is truly selfless.It gives us shade, fruits, oxygen but does not expect anything from us. Throughout the evolution of mankind trees have never evolved to hate anything around them. They grow, give and die. Maybe that’s what life is all about. We humans with our material possessions either live like there’s no tomorrow or life is forever denying to accept the fact that nothing will stay with us. The best way to make yourself immortal is to share things with others or give others coz all that will be left after you is your name.


One must learn to co-exist

A tree allows every being to live with itself; it provides shelter to birds, shade to smaller plants and thousands of small creatures living on ground. Same way we should learn the ways to co-exist with others. Instead of remove everything, we should learn to blend in, with people, our surrounding, and more importantly with nature.

Once strong enough, support others

When a tree is young it puts in everything to strengthen self and grow strong. Once it has grown strong and faces no danger from external elements then it supports other life forms like small creepers, birds and animals. Same way once we are strong we should start supporting others, share our knowledge with them so they can grow. Invest our time with young ones so that they can create a better future for the world.


The mankind needs to learn these wisdom from the life of a tree and perhaps we can take our civilization to a life of peace and harmony.

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  1. very nice and motivational article yeh baat sahi h koi bhi badi chez choti chez she banti h jaise ek beej se bada tree banta hai aur isme time bhi lagta h ek din me tree bada nahi hota

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