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Golden beaches and green farms, 7 places you must visit in bali

The exotic island of Bali is nothing less than a paradise. Whether you are a honeymooner, party goer or on casual vacation there is something for everyone here. Lets have a look at places you must visit in Bali.


Kuta beach

Enjoy sunset with a chilled beer as you watch the waves crash in front of you. Did that sound exaggerated? No way! I can guarantee this experience at Kuta beach for you. Once the sunset is gone you can move to enjoy live music just across the street at Hard Rock cafe or the umpteen pubs and restaurants all along the street. What? You want shopping? No worries, walk across the street and you have a beautiful ‘Beachwalk Bali’ mall and poppies lane to cater your shopping cravings.

nusa dua sports places-to-visit-in-bali_the floating lens travel blog by sumil dutta

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua beach is a good place to experience the water sports and underwater activities. We got a real good package over here which included banana boat ride, Para gliding, Jet Ski and scuba diving. The water at Nusa dua being very clean the underwater experience was amazing for an amateur like me. Don’t know swimming or not comfortable with oxygen masks? I would suggest Sea walker for you then, just normal breathing and simple underwater walking with fishes .


Uluwatu temple places-to-visit-in-bali_the floating lens travel blog by sumil dutta

Uluwatu temple

Located down in the south the temple is famous for the ‘Kecak Dance’ also known as the fire dance which is a musical performance depicting Ramayan . The amazing performances by the artists are worth a watch. The performance takes place in the evening so plan your schedule accordingly.


dreamland beach places-to-visit-in-bali_the floating lens travel blog by sumil dutta

Dreamland beach

Coming further north from uluwatu this beach has  crystal clear water but is more suitable for the surfers due to its waves. As it is a bit distant from the mainland the crowd is less. The drive to this beach is amazing on beautiful roads with twists and turns. I took a rented Harley to enjoy the ride here.

places to visit in bali

Tanah lot

One of the most picturesque temples in bali , i had the chance to visit here in my trip last month. Access to this temple is through a submerged path so plan your trip here when the tides are low or simply during afternoon.

places to visit in bali_ubud art market
Ubud Market



The art rich village of Bali, Ubud is an artist’s dream destination. I had the opportunity to visit one of the art schools where i saw artists of very young age working on the paintings.

Read more about Ubud here: A walk along the streets of Ubud Art Market


places to visit in bali_bedugul temple


Bedugul Temple

The experience at Bedugul temple was just too out of the world. The weather here cool and windy. The temple standing tall against the backdrop of the lake and sprawling mountains is just too beautiful. The lake being surrounded by hills from all sides makes it very chilled up. I went there at 2 in the noon and the temperature must be 18 – 20 deg C. Bedugul temple is  a must visit if you want to experience the surreal beauty of Bali.


Did you know, Mahabalipuram in India also is home to submerged and rock cut temples


Know about more places to visit in Bali ? If you are from Bali, definitely i would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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