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5 places with breathtaking views in kodaikanal that should be on your travel list

With a long weekend to our luxury, this time me and Ria(my wife) checked out few places to visit in Kodaikanal. Being just 460 kms from bangalore we thought it would be the best place to relax in summer. Without losing a moment we quickly booked our travel and accommodation to plan our weekend trip to Kodaikanal.

How we got there?

We slept through the whole night journey and it was pretty smooth in the state run luxury bus. By 9 in the morning we were in the Kodaikanal bus stop. Alternatively you can also take direct trains to Kodaikanal but few run on weekends.

Exploring the town can be easily done on foot. Indian summers are very harsh but here we were in Kodaikanal taking a walk at 3 in afternoon without a sweat. Sure the sun pinched a bit but it was definitely way cooler at 21 degree C than what we were experiencing in Bangalore.

IMG_20160325_150814 copy

Kodaikanal Lake

Being centrally located, you will pass by the Kodai Lake when going to any point of the city. All the activities of the city take place around this lake. The lake has clean water overlooking the hills. Saw a lot of recreational activities like horse riding, cycling taking place around the lake. If you want to try your hand on a twin cycle then this is the place. There are all also boating activities which you can enjoy.

DSC_0010 copy

Coaker’s walk

Just a kilometre from the lake is the Coaker’s walk. This is a man-made walk created along the slopes of the mountain. It’s a good peaceful walking stretch with beautiful views of the green valleys. This place is a photographers heaven and i made sure i encashed it to fullest.

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IMG_20160325_172533_1458985189553 copy

Bryant Park

This is a park on the slopes right next to the Coaker’s walk and is a good hangout place for families and kids. Being a weekend we saw many families over there. I loved the contoured profile of the park with the trees in between.

IMG_20160326_115336 copy

IMG_20160326_115225_HDR_1458984974601 copy

Bear Shola Falls

This one was a disappointment as we had to walk a lot to get to this place and the falls was totally dried up! Maybe you can have a better experience during winters and rainy season. The tall trees around were always ready with a good pose.

Pillar Rocks: Imagesource Wikipedia under CCA license

Pillar Rocks

This place is a little farther from the town, maybe like 8kms. You will need prior permission from Forest Department to go here which we missed out on.

There were few other places to visit like  green valley which we had to give a miss due to the one way traffic planning of the city. Also we missed Berijam Lake as it requires prior permission from the forest department. I plan to cover them next time.

Your turn now

If you are planning to go by you own vehicle then do check how the one ways for the days are planned. I am sure driving to this place will be quite an experience and you have a your freedom of travelling to different points (or else you would have to miss out or pay big amount for cabs).If you are worried about the curvy hill roads then let me inform you its only 90kms of stretch which you would have to patiently drive to reach the city.

Visited already?? Then lets us know your list of places to visit in Kodaikanal.

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