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Sunrise at the nandi hills

Capturing a beautiful sunrise at Nandi hills

Ever since I came to Bangalore a visit to Nandi Hills had been long pending. After putting off this idea a number of times finally out of pure boredom me and Ria decided to go there on a bike. A quick check on the google map showed the distance as 70 kms from our home. So we planned to leave early morning to catch the sunrise at Nandi Hills.

The start

We left at 4 am from our home so it was kind of pitch dark. We did underestimate the cold weather of 25th December. Few kilometres out of main city area and we could feel the dew accumulating on our jackets but the ride was awesome.


Once close to the hills, visibility became a bit of issue and we realised that we were passing through the clouds. Here we could see a lot of couples joining us on the way, mostly on bikes. Even I feel bike rides are more romantic than car drives.


Ascending the slopes

A few kilometres through the clouds and we came out clear on the twists and turns of hill roads. It was quite a feel to ride on such roads after a long time. By 6am we reached on top of the hill and could see a lot of people waiting to get entry to the viewpoints. This place has been managed effectively with paid parking, entry tickets and camera tickets. No charges for mobile cameras though.

Two wheelers need to be parked outside however they do allow four wheelers to go in through a very narrow door (actually the only access door). Of course you pay extra for that.


Once we reached the cliff side it was pure beauty. The hill stands tall surrounded by all the clouds at its feet. The dense clouds looked like a blanket on the nearby plains. From 6.15 to 6.30 am we were able to see the sun rise with all its energy.


There is also a projected viewpoint from where you can see the beauty around the hills. It was 7 am and by this time a lot of people had started to pour in. We clicked few pictures at the cliff side and then moved to the shady shacks on the way to the parking. Most of the shacks are broken here, enter at your own risk. However if you are planning for a long day at Nandi hills then this will be a nice shaded place to lay the carpet.


Other facilities

There is a small restaurant here where you will get breakfast. We had a few dosas and tea .The food is just ok…don’t keep high hopes.

The trip was quite memorable for both of us as it was our first long ride after marriage and very exciting. The cold weather of December was icing on the cake.

I also had another great dawn experience at Coaker’s Walk in Kodaikanal.

Have you ever been to Nandi hills?? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Capturing a beautiful sunrise at Nandi hills

  1. Hey Thr,

    Very nice blog with pics. Me and my sister are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our Activa and wondering if you rode there on bike/scooter and if the hill roads are safe to ride there? Did you used to switch off the engine on downhill there on the way back? Need some tips, Thanks, Kusum

    1. Hi Kusum, Thanks for your comment.
      The roads to Nandi hills are in a good condition however for a small wheeled vehicle like activa it might be a bit difficult on few of the sharp turns. We went on a bike as it provides better power uphill and control while initiating turns with its big tyres. On the way down also i had the engine on as the gears help in limiting the speed.In activa you can easily come downhill with engine switched off, just be careful and limit your speed and if you have good brakes then the ride shouldn’t be problem for you.
      Drive safe and enjoy your ride!!

      1. Hey thanks for getting back. Wish I could ride a bike but yeh will have to stick to activa, abd hopefully it climbs the slope. While returning, yes will switch off the ignition and roll down slowly as its a non gear scooty. Have you ridden a scooter like that on slopes anywhere? Thanks, Kusum

        1. Kusum, going there on activa shouldn’t be a problem. Coming downhill, I would strongly suggest keeping engine on that way your brake lights and horn will be working. So you can always alert the person coming from behind or front especially honk your horn on blind corners. Switching of the engine won’t save you much fuel anyways.

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