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An offroad rendezvous with Tata Hexa at #Hexaexperience centre, Bangalore

Travelling is fun and much more if you can go offroad. Tata motors have released their new SUV Hexa on the same concept. Recently Tata motors invited us to their Hexa Experience centre in Bangalore to check the offroad capabilities of Tata Hexa and must I say the experience was amazing.

I have never had an offroad experience before so I was looking forward to this event. The experience centre was located at Manyata Tech Park so the access to it was away from the Bangalore rush and easily accessible.

A set of quick formalties at the registration desk led me to the experience zone. Lit in cool night blue the hexa experience centre was way more than just a car display point. The majestic Hexa stood in centre of the podium with cool blue portal above it.

tata-hexa-review-offroad-experience-the floating-lens-sumil-dutta 02

Over the years I have not been a very great fan of Tata cars but since Tiago things seem to be improving. Tata is finally focusing on the design aspect of cars. The design of the cars will appeal to the younger crowd who want looks, performance and value for money at the same time.

The outside

On a first glance the car looks really captivating with its very sporty looks and bulked up body works. The headlights and grill with honeycomb styling give a new age feeling to whole front. I loved the headlamp cluster with dark smoky effect. The black rim above the front grill extends onto the lights like and accentuates the aggressive look.  The fog lamp also looks really sleek. On sides the flared arch wheels give the Tata Hexa a rugged look. Looking at Hexa from sideways will remind of Aria but there are few smart additions to it.

tata hexa review-offroad-experience-the floating-lens-sumil-dutta

The rear side of Tata Hexa is equally aggressive with its horizontal linear tail lamps. I love the way indicators create a very soft frosty illumination. The trapezoidal exhaust tips with steel finish blend with the look and fit in snugly into the rear bumper. The steel finish on the door and footstep is just what you need to spunk up the look.

The 19” alloy wheels look simple yet classy. The 5 spoke wheels in brushed metal finish look great while standing or in motion.

On the inside

The interiors of the Tata Hexa are one of the best till date. When getting inside the Hexa the tall roof is really helpful. Once you are inside an all black interior welcomes you. The pillar and roof liners are whitish grey in color. The wide construct of the Hexa makes the interior spacious with generously spaced seats.


The dashboard of Tata Hexa is planned well with good fit & finish. Soft touch materials used on the front surface will impress you. The switches feel durable as well. The all-black dashboard with smoked chrome and brushed aluminum inserts looks good with the controls being easily accessible.


tata-hexa-review-offroad-experience-the floating-lens-sumil-dutta 12

The leather finished steering with grey spokes looks good. The black steering mounted controls are an added advantage. The steering however only allows a height adjustment and not telescopic movement.

The seats of Tata Hexa are really comfortable with under thigh support, something much needed for those long journeys. The contours of the seats are perfectly supporting your sitting posture. The driver seats can be setup in quite a number of positions allowing more legroom to better height. I prefer higher seats as it allows me a better view of the surroundings.

On the rear passenger side the seats are comfortable with ample legroom. The seats are split in a 60:40 proportion to allow the rear most passengers to move in. The doors are fitted with very useful retractable sun films. The rear most row of passengers might feel the crunch of space though, suitable space for kids and short people.


The Tata Hexa sure comes feature loaded with 19” alloy wheels, sunroof, lot of small storage compartments. The Hexa offers you a Harman-developed ConnectNext infotainment system with a 5-inch touchscreen. It features voice recognition, the usual music inputs (USB, AUX, Bluetooth), SD card (for media), navigation, on-screen SMS display & readout, reversing camera display & video playback (from USB / SD card). The whole system is same as Tata Tiago and I am sure Hexa owners would love it.

Enough said..let’s see it perform

On the other side of experience center was the offroad track setup to give us a firsthand experience of what the Hexa can do.

The first hurdle was the best one for me where the Hexa was doing yoga on two wheels.


Check the video below:

Even when the Hexa is on three wheels the power output and control is visibly strong.

tata-hexa-review-offroad-experience-the floating-lens-sumil-dutta

Next was the uphill and downhill control. Here also the Tata Hexa moved up effortlessly with 4 adults in its belly.


tata-hexa-review-offroad-experience-the floating-lens-sumil-dutta 08

tata-hexa-review-offroad-experience-the floating-lens-sumil-dutta 09


With this, i signed off from the #Hexaexperience centre.

Overall the Tata Hexa is a great package with many features from the premium end. With its offroading capabilities the Hexa definately is a very tough competition for likes of Innova Crysta, XUV 550 and Hyundai Creta. If priced aggressively then definately the Hexa will join the success wave Tata Tiago is riding on.

Did this article excite the wanderlust in you ?.Then check out more details for Tata Hexa on and go offroad!!



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