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A year full of fun, learning, earning and travel blogging – Thank you readers !!!

The end of March marked my first full year of travel blogging.  I can’t believe it has been one full year already.  Time has flown by and I have genuinely enjoyed becoming a travel blogger and starting up ‘The Floating Lens’.  For the past year, I have been keeping traffic statistics and income made from this blog.

As you may have read before, when I started this blog I literally had zero experience blogging, creating a website or even writing.  The only writing I had ever done was years ago for college essays and reports.   It was very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time starting the blog with no experience and no idea where this would lead me.   I am deeply proud of what I have accomplished so far and am looking forward to what my future year of blogging brings to me.   If you are looking to start a blog, I highly encourage you to start now.  In my next post, I will be sharing an easy step by step tutorial on how I created this blog.  So feel free to check it out.   Here are some lessons learned from my first year of travel blogging that may help you out on your journey to become a travel blogger.


Top Lessons Learned After One Year of travel Blogging

1) It is possible to make money blogging your first year with no experience but it is not easy.

  • You will see in my future income reports that I was able to successfully make a profit for my first year.  I even broke even on my total startup costs within 7 months of starting.   It literally only takes a few minutes to create a blog when you use Blue Host which is the hosting company I used to start this blog up.

2) Write about your own experiences and what you are passion about.

  • Having actual experience and a passion for what you write about will show in your writing.  People notice this type of stuff and it creates a good writing personality.  Readers enjoy this!

3) Social Media is crucial to marketing and building page views.

  • Looking back, the majority of my traffic has come from social media.  You must learn how to use and promote your blog in as many social media sites that you can.  I spent a lot of time creating and learning how to do this via facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.  Build as many followers as you can, engage with other users and promote your blog posts as well as other people’s.  You will be rewarded with traffic and page views. Thats how i ended up with my collaboration with Tata motors for The Hexa Experience

4) Communicate with other bloggers

  • The blogging community is full of great people.  Most other bloggers are super friendly, willing to help out and also engage in your content.  Make sure to take the time to engage with other bloggers by commenting on their blog posts, sharing their posts and even just flat out directly communicating with them via email or anything.  I have gained a few new real friends by doing this and its great!!  I have also done a few podcasts and have done guest posts on other blogs because of this.

5) Write down your blogging ideas and article topics.

  • When you first start blogging you will have so many different ideas on what you can do to your blog and what posts you can write.  Definitely remember to write this stuff down because you will forget them.  I keep a notepad for blogging ideas and jot down everything that comes across my mind.   It makes for great ammunition later on when you are in a slump or looking for something to do with your new blog.

6) Never stop learning or trying to get better.

  • You may think you know it all but you will soon find out that you don’t!  From SEO practices to how to do marketing, you should research and learn from other bloggers.  Learn how they blog, write and even make income.  I have learned so much about how to make money blogging by reading other bloggers.  It is a great source to see how others are making a killing with blogging.

7) Take the time to proofread your blog posts.

  • I have had other readers and even other bloggers call me out on bad grammar and typos.  There have been times when I am in a hurry and really want to get a blog post out so have rushed posts.  You should try to avoid doing this and really take the time to re-read what you have written.   It’s possible that some people may stop reading your blog if they see how bad your writing/grammar is.  The quality of your posts is more important than the amount of posts you publish.

8)  NEVER EVER use any images you find online without purchasing or getting approval.

  • In one of my earlier posts, I thought it was okay to grab a random image online and use it in one of my blog posts.  This turned out to be a big no-no and I was threatened to be sued because of it.  Luckily I was able to resolve the matter but it was a huge scare and a lesson learned.  I highly advise you only use pictures you take yourself, grab from a legitimate free stock image website or that you purchase from a legitimate site with the proper licensing.


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