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Things to Do in Brownsville Texas

Brownsville is an exciting city that has plenty to offer visitors. From sandy beaches to a buzzing arts scene, Brownsville truly has something for everyone here!

If you’re searching for a fun activity to do with the kids, the Children’s Museum of Brownsville should not be missed. Their exhibits offer hands-on creative and interactive experiences.

The Children’s Museum of Brownsville

Children’s museums are an excellent way to introduce young children to the world of learning. These facilities often boast hands-on exhibits, workshops and special events for kids. Plus, it’s just a fun place for them to have an enjoyable experience.

The Children’s Museum of Brownsville offers an exciting range of hands-on exhibits and activities to keep your child occupied for hours. From a miniature boardwalk to an entire health clinic and grocery store, the Children’s Museum has everything needed for an unforgettable day out!

In addition to the regular museum, Children’s Museum of Brownsville also offers several exciting activities for kids like a laser show, outdoor water play area and bowling center. Plus, parents can take advantage of special party packages at no extra cost so that their kid’s birthday celebration is stress-free!

One of the most beloved attractions at the museum is a large, simulated gondola ride. This float takes children on an exciting journey around the museum and guarantees to be one of their highlights of any visit.

Other attractions worth visiting include dinosaur exhibits, artifact displays and shark habitats. No matter what kids choose to do, they will have a blast! There are even activities for older kids which have been proven to improve cognitive function in healthy children; one example being the Brain Center at the museum which features an immersive simulation of human brain function.

The Historic Brownsville Museum

For those interested in local history, The Historic Brownsville Museum is an engaging destination to visit. Housed within a beautifully restored Spanish-colonial train depot, it features captivating exhibits about the city’s past.

The museum also houses a restored Baldwin wood-burning narrow gauge railroad locomotive. Constructed in 1928, this building has been designated a Texas Historical Landmark.

Its collection is primarily comprised of artifacts from Brownsville’s past. Here you’ll find agricultural and ranching tools, mementoes from the Mexican War and photographs from World War II that tell a story.

On site are exhibits at both Simon Celaya Building and Mary A. Yturria Education Center, along with cultural events and educational outreach programs.

Take a tour of Gladys Porter Zoo and experience its wildlife park for yourself! As South Texas’ only zoo, this facility houses hundreds of animals.

Angelita’s Casa de Cafe offers a cozy coffee shop where you can enjoy an aromatic cup of horchata latte or Mexican mocha frappe while catching up with friends. Plus, their homemade baked goods make this place perfect for either lunch or dinner – perfect!

Brownsville is an eclectic blend of Mexican and American culture, making it a beloved destination for outdoor adventurers and history aficionados alike. Situated along the banks of the Rio Grande, its stunning parks, wildlife refuges, and beaches make this city stand out among others.

The Stillman House Museum

The Stillman House Museum in Brownsville, Texas is a historic house museum and the former residence of its founder Charles Stillman. Constructed in 1850, the mansion has been registered as a Texas Historical Landmark.

The Brownsville Historical Association manages the home, offering an array of exhibits and activities to educate visitors about the city’s past. There are displays about its founding, border conflicts and Texas’ development as a state.

There’s also an impressive collection of artifacts, like paintings and furniture from the 1800s. It makes for a wonderful destination for families with children to learn about Brownsville’s fascinating heritage while enjoying some classic family fun.

Visit the museum any day of the year, except Sundays. Admission is free but you are invited to make a donation if desired.

Aside from its historic home, the museum also houses a gift shop and cafe. You can book tours of the house as well.

While in Brownsville, don’t miss visiting the Gladys Porter Zoo. This institution is renowned for its conservation work and raising critically endangered species like Jentink’s duiker.

The Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge is a 97,000-acre natural habitat home to 417 bird species. It’s an excellent spot for birdwatching and exploring nature trails; plus, there’s even a tram tour and kayak tour available!

The 77 Flea Market

If you’re a fan of flea markets, Brownsville is the place to be. Here, you’ll find some of Texas’ largest flea markets, from small weekend events to annual trade days that span multiple cities.

The 77 Flea Market is an outdoor shopping paradise that brings together cultures. Here, you’ll find vendors selling everything from American cowboy hats and Cuban cigars to Mexican food.

For 150 years, East Texas Trade Day has been a mainstay in the area. It offers great bargains with thousands of vendors spread out over 100 acres.

It’s a popular destination for both locals and tourists. This bustling open-air market is one of the best places to buy fresh produce or souvenirs.

At this market, you’ll find a wide range of vintage items such as clothes and jewelry. Although it’s known for its antiques, you’ll also find more modern products here.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of items to purchase and an ideal place for getting tattoos or real or henna tattoos. Prices are competitively priced and the atmosphere is welcoming.

This market offers some great finds, though the summer heat may not be ideal. Luckily, it’s air-conditioned and you can also enjoy some refreshments while shopping.

The Camille Playhouse

Since 1964, the Camille Playhouse has been an integral part of Brownsville’s cultural landscape. Situated in Dean Porter Park, it presents a wide array of plays and musicals to delight its patrons.

One of the unique aspects of this local theatre is that many actors and musicians are local residents. These professionals possess exceptional talent and skillset, which they bring to the stage with passion.

In addition to its annual performances, the Camille Playhouse is known for offering special events and workshops. These activities provide an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to become immersed in performing arts while honing their skills along the way.

Another remarkable aspect of this theater is that it’s self-supporting, meaning its operations are entirely managed by volunteers and board members. They strive to maintain the high standard of the facility while offering patrons a positive experience.

This organization is charged with safeguarding Brownsville’s cultural heritage. They collaborated with the City of Brownsville to restore Market Square, a historic site located in the downtown area.

The Children’s Museum of Brownsville is a popular destination for both kids and adults alike, providing an engaging learning environment and interactive exhibits. Its mission is to nurture children’s imaginations, promote cooperative play and stimulate creativity.

Sabal Palm Sanctuary

At a bend of the Rio Grande River, not far from where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico, lies an idyllic remnant of one of Earth’s most stunning ecosystems: Sabal Palm Sanctuary. This 557-acre preserve protects one last remnant of thousands of fan palms that once covered miles along its course.

These vast groves, stretching for more than 80 miles up the Rio Grande Valley, once formed a subtropical forest unique in this country and home to an astounding variety of birds and animals. Unfortunately, development has had its devastating effect on this once thriving ecosystem; today only remnants remain.

Sabal Palm Sanctuary is a 557-acre nature reserve and bird sanctuary situated along the Rio Grande Delta near Brownsville, Texas. It’s noted for being one of the last places in the Rio Grande Valley to boast an abundant grove of sabal palms – edible heart-bearing palms prized by pre-Hispanic inhabitants and early explorers alike.

For nature enthusiasts in the Rio Grande Valley and northern Mexico, The Sanctuary is a must-visit. Operated by the National Audubon Society, its entry fees are among the lowest in all of LRGV.

The sanctuary is a popular spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, offering numerous hiking trails through its lush vegetation. The 1.1-mile Resaca Loop trail in particular draws attention with its breathtaking views of the surrounding sabal palmetto forest. Not only does the area attract many migratory birds, but it’s also home to various other animals like bobcats and armadillos.

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