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Things to Do in Dublin, Ohio

Dublin, Ohio is a stunning city that has plenty to offer visitors. From the Celtic Cocktail Trail to the Dublin Irish Festival, there truly is something for everyone here!

One of the best activities to do in Dublin is taking a stroll along its historic district. Lined with gorgeous brick sidewalks, you can take in all of its charm as you stroll along.

1. Leatherlips Monument

Dublin offers many captivating attractions and places to visit, but Leatherlips Monument stands out among them all. This 12-foot limestone sculpture overlooks Scioto Park and was erected in 1990 by Boston artist Ralph Helmick.

In 1795, the Wyandot tribe was obliged to cede their land to settlers through the Treaty of Greenville. Chief Shateyaronyah (aka Chief Leatherlips) stood as a beacon for coexistence between Americans and Wyandots alike; he signed the treaty and promised never again to use force against them.

Unfortunately, Leatherlips’ relationship with the settlers caused a rift between him and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, leading to his execution by tomahawk in 1810 at the orders of his brother Chief Roundhead.

At Riverside Drive and Stratford Avenue, a tombstone commemorates his grave. However, it’s the 12-foot tall stone memorial in Scioto Park that truly makes this destination worth seeing. Constructed out of limestone slabs, it bears the profile of the tragic chief.

This is an ideal spot to take your family on an adventure. There’s plenty of activities for kids such as a playground, tennis court and basketball courts.

After your boat tour, explore Dublin’s best restaurants and shops. Historic downtown district lies on both sides of the Scioto River, providing plenty of shopping opportunities.

For something more adventurous, Glacier Ridge Metro Park is an excellent destination to go hiking and biking. Just a short drive north of Dublin, this park features trails that wind along its scenic wetlands.

Another exciting way to explore is with a Riverbox art treasure hunt using geocaching or letterboxing. Not only will this be an awesome opportunity to find artistic creations in nature, but it will also sharpen your GPS and map-reading skills!

2. Indian Run Falls

Indian Run Falls is a peaceful spot that features a waterfall and stream. It’s one of the most stunning waterfalls near Columbus, making it an ideal place to visit if you’re in search of natural splendor.

It’s also an ideal spot for hiking or having a picnic. There are trails that lead you past breathtaking waterfall views.

Exploring the gorge beneath the waterfalls is an exciting adventure, but it is strongly advised against jumping in as it is illegal and potentially hazardous.

Dublin’s Leatherlips Monument is another remarkable sight, featuring a sculpture of a Wyandot Native chief. This museum provides insight into the culture and history of the region.

Dublin, Ohio offers a variety of activities for families to enjoy such as visiting the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay waterpark with 17 slides, wave pool, lazy river, splash zone and more. This makes for a fun family outing both summer and winter!

Experience a football game at Ohio State University – an Ohio State institution that promises fun for everyone, no matter their age!

In addition to the zoo and waterpark, Dublin also offers several other exciting attractions that visitors should check out while there. These include Watch House and Circle Mound – part of Dublin’s Art in Public Places initiative.

Dublin Link Bridge is an excellent spot to check out, offering various dining, shopping and entertainment experiences. This bridge can easily be traversed on foot or by bike with plenty of scenic parks and plazas at both ends.

3. Old Dublin Indian Run Cemetery

The Old Dublin Indian Run Cemetery is a charming and intriguing destination to explore. Established in 1813, this small historic cemetery has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since then.

This cemetery in downtown Dublin offers visitors an insight into Dublin’s fascinating history. It’s surrounded by Veterans Park, one of Dublin’s most stunning green spaces.

Locals love taking a leisurely walk through this park to admire its stunning beauty. With its playground, tennis court and basketball court, it makes for an ideal day-out with families.

In 1975, The Dublin Historical Society initiated a restoration project of the cemetery. This endeavor took over five years and resulted in the construction of an impressive stone wall around it that now encircles it.

At that time, the ground was regraded and many stones that had become missing or irreparably broken were re-set against the wall. Many of today’s surviving gravestones are very old and eroding away.

After extensive restoration work, the cemetery was restored and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Dublin Historical Society has erected a memorial stone with names of those interred there.

Dublin Ohio offers plenty of activities for visitors, but the cemetery should definitely not be missed! Here, the gravestones of those who founded our town serve as a poignant reminder of our past and how far we’ve come.

Are you searching for an exciting and spooky way to explore Historic Dublin? Becky’s two-hour Olde Town Ghost Tour is just what you need! She starts at Dublin Chamber of Commerce and visits eight sites listed on the National Registry of Historic Places – each stop having its own intriguing story to tell! Get ready for an exhilarating experience when you book your tour with Becky today!

4. Field of Corn

If you’re taking a road trip through Dublin, there are plenty of exciting attractions that will captivate your attention. One such attraction is Field of Corn – an impressive roadside art display you won’t want to miss!

The Field of Corn is an innovative art installation created by Columbus artist Malcolm Cochran to honor the hybrid corn industry. Displaying 109 concrete ears of corn on an open field, it pays homage to this vital industry.

Each ear of concrete corn stands six feet tall and weighs over 1500 pounds, cast in various ways to make them appear unique from one another.

At first, locals weren’t thrilled about spending public money on something so unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary. However, over time it has become an integral part of Dublin’s culture and most residents now appreciate its significance.

In 1994, Malcolm Cochran created “Cornhenge,” a public art installation known locally as “Cornhenge.” The sculpture features 109 concrete ears of corn standing amidst grassy fields with Osage Orange Trees in the background. This memorial was meant to honor Sam Frantz – an inventor of hybrid corn who farmed land near Dublin at that time.

The 109 concrete ears of corn stand upright in a grassy field. In the background, there is an Osage Orange tree row and four plaques set into the ground for added significance.

The sculpture was commissioned by Dublin and finished in 1994 by Malcolm Cochran. It stands on land once owned by the Frantz family, who later donated their farm to the city of Dublin.

5. Giant Dancing Hares

UK artist Sophie Ryder created this bronze sculpture of three giant bunnies dancing a dance inspired by the hare’s spring courtship rituals. Kids will love exploring this park as there are items hidden inside each of the dancing hares!

This park is an excellent destination to take the kids for a walk and get some fresh air. Plus, it features a splash pad which will come in handy on hot summer days!

Dublin, Ohio is an ideal vacation spot for families. It boasts plenty of parks and exciting activities. Plus, being close to downtown Columbus makes getting around easy – you’ll be able to take in all the sights without breaking a sweat!

One of the top attractions in Dublin is Ballantrae Community Park, a lush green area ideal for walking and taking in some fresh air. Plus, it has a waterfall and splash park that appeals to families.

Another great place to visit in Dublin is the Abbey Theater. This 200-seat venue hosts plays, musical performances and movies all year round with modern seating and facilities that appeal to visitors of all ages.

Next on our list of things to do in Dublin is visiting Field of Corn. This amusement park offers plenty of exciting activities for children to do.

Dublin is a vibrant city that offers visitors plenty of exciting attractions, such as parks, biking routes and museums. It makes an ideal weekend getaway destination and it’s easily accessible by car.

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