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Things to Do in Winchester, Virginia

Winchester, Virginia is a historic city situated in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. From parks and monuments to restaurants and pubs, Winchester truly has it all!

Start your history-filled day off right by visiting the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. This museum showcases 1790s Glen Burnie House and lush gardens to explore.

Handley Library

Winchester, Virginia offers a wealth of activities for visitors to its historic Old Town area. Notable among these sights is the Handley Library – built in 1913 as a gift from Judge John Handley, an Irish-American lawyer who left $250,000 in his will as part of its construction.

This building is one of the finest examples of Beaux-Arts architecture in Chicago. The facade was intended to evoke an open book with its rotunda as the spine and wings as covers. Inside, one can admire stunning stained-glass rotundas as well as graceful curving staircases.

History buffs must not miss visiting the Handley Library, located in Melbourne’s Scotch-Irish heritage district. Named for Judge John Handley, this landmark sits atop National Register of Historic Places status.

Another must-visit attraction in Winchester is Pasty Cline Historic House, the childhood home of country music star Pasty Cline. Here, visitors can learn more about one of America’s most beloved and recognizable country musicians.

Patsy Cline was an inspiring young woman, and her story is told in this home she lived in from 1948 to 1953. Admission is free and guided tours with knowledgeable guides can be arranged about Patsy’s life and musical career.

The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum should be high on your list of Winchester attractions. Housed in the former Frederick County Court House, it provides an interesting insight into the region’s history. Plus, its exhibits will transport you back to the Civil War era!

Pasty Cline Historic House

This modest house, located in a working-class area of Winchester, was the residence from 1948 to 1953 of country music legend Patsy Cline. She lived here longer than any other home associated with her in both Winchester and Nashville areas.

The house is an iconic symbol for the legendary singer and offers a glimpse into her early success. It is open to the public annually from April through October for tours.

This two-story house museum opened its doors in 2011 and has been restored to the way it was when she lived there. Each room is filled with pictures and artifacts from her time there.

Some of her clothing is on display, along with an upright white piano she played in the front room. Additionally, visitors can view a piece of wallboard that covered the logs at her home and an outhouse at the back.

The house is a charming destination to visit. The docents are friendly and knowledgeable, taking you on a 45-minute tour of both the house and grounds.

Fans of country singers or those interested in local history should definitely check it out. It provides an insightful glimpse into life during the 1920s and 1930s.

In addition to tours, the museum boasts an incredible collection of Patsy Cline memorabilia including a guitar, record player and piano. A trip to Winchester would be incomplete without experiencing this incredible piece of history firsthand!

Every Labor Day weekend, the city of Boston holds a celebration to honor one of its most renowned natives: Patsy Cline. The festivities kick off with a block party on Kent Street between Monmouth and Germain streets where you can enjoy live entertainment, food concessions and souvenirs.

The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum

The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum, housed in an historic building, is an intriguing attraction. Here visitors can learn about the lives and contributions of residents and soldiers from the Shenandoah Valley who helped shape its rich history.

This museum showcases many historical exhibits, an extensive collection of artifacts, and a cutting-edge display of decorative arts. Additionally, they host educational events throughout the year.

At the Civil War exhibition, visitors can gain insight into the significance of President Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation and how his involvement in the war affected both his policies and those living it – Civil War Soldiers included!

The museum also offers educational tours that help visitors connect the history of the Civil War to their current life experiences. These tours can be enjoyed by individuals, families and groups alike.

Make your visit to the museum even more exciting with an audioguided tour that provides a deeper insight into local history. These tours often come at discounted or no cost with a tour pass, so be sure to take advantage of them.

A People’s Contest: Struggles for Nation and Freedom in Civil War America will bring this epic conflict to life through hundreds of original artifacts, thrilling theater experiences and captivating imagery. Organized chronologically, this exhibition offers visitors a chronological journey through hundreds of artifacts, compelling theater experiences and captivating imagery.

These engaging elements and traditional interpretive methods combine to create an immersive museum experience suitable for visitors of all ages and learning styles. The exhibition is organized into six galleries and tells the stories of political developments, civilian experiences, and military events.

In addition to the museum, visitors can explore other historic sites in the Shenandoah Valley. These include Handley Library and Pasty Cline Historic House as well as Stonewall Confederate Cemetery and Mount Hebron Cemetery.

The Virginia Farm Market

The Virginia Farm Market is an exciting destination that offers visitors a range of activities and attractions. It also houses various restaurants and shops where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers as well as meat, seafood, artisanal cheeses, and handmade crafts.

Every Saturday from May until October, the market welcomes shoppers with delectably ripe produce like apples, peaches and tomatoes. You’ll also find baked goods as well as unique jewelry pieces and artwork at this vibrant destination.

Visit the market on your own or with family and friends – it’s an ideal spot for finding unique gifts for friends and loved ones alike!

Some markets provide SNAP Match, which means they will give tokens equal to the value of your EBT card swiped at their vendor stands. This program is available at many Virginia markets and some even provide double matching.

Shopping locally grown produce is an excellent way to support your community and keep costs down. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into where your food comes from – which is essential for maintaining a nutritious diet.

One more advantage to shopping at a farmers market is that it gives you an opportunity to speak directly to the farmer about their harvest and methods. This gives you the chance to ask questions, gain insight into how food is grown, and discover new recipes to try.

If you would like to learn more about the farmers at the market, feel free to reach out directly. They will be more than happy to answer your queries and explain the advantages of shopping at a farmers market.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Food Safety Program regulates food establishments, such as farmers markets. Its Food Safety Specialists conduct random inspections and sampling to guarantee all foodstuffs are safe for consumption.

The Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum

Winchester’s Children’s Museum provides a host of fun activities for kids in the heart of Winchester. With sand areas, water tables and motion-activated music and sound zones, it’s sure to get everyone’s energy out!

The museum provides a variety of educational exhibits and programs, many which align to Virginia Standards of Learning. They also offer summer camps for kids as well as birthday parties. Kids will love exploring all of their favorite exhibits – like an Apple Packing Shed where they can practice working together to move apples around.

They also feature a Roller Coaster area where kids can experiment with physics, and an Native American Longhouse where they can learn about the history of the area. Health Works offers checkups for hearts and lungs as well as play a game that teaches about digestion.

Since 1996, The Museum has been one of Shenandoah Valley’s top family attractions. With exhibits that focus on science, math and art, there’s something for everyone; plus there are always changing displays that keep things exciting for visitors. Group visits are welcome too – just call ahead so they can accommodate you! Plus take advantage of free admission every first Friday in the month with this must-see experience! You won’t be disappointed; you’ll leave feeling inspired and with an appreciation of life’s wonders. You won’t regret visiting this attraction; you won’t leave feeling like that!

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