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Top 5 Gifts For Climbers This Holiday Season

Are you stuck on what to get your climbing buddy this holiday season? After hearing all those discussions about cams and nuts, maybe you’re looking for something unique that shows them how much you care.

Giving climbers a good hand balm is an easy gift that’s sure to please them, especially if it is specifically formulated for climbing hands. Climbskin Hand Repair Cream is one such product – perfect!

Climbing Helmet

Climbing helmets are essential pieces of gear for climbers. Not only do they protect the head from rocks and falls, but also offer wraparound coverage around the back of your head in case you get turned upside down (with your rope behind).

Helmets come in a range of styles. Some use foam to protect you from bumps and rocks, while others feature an outer hard shell.

Foam helmets tend to be heavier and cheaper than hard shell helmets, but they provide a better fit and protect more of your head. Plus, many come with a webbing harness around your head so the hard shell never touches you.

Helmets have come a long way since the days of heavy, hard plastic shells with intricate internal harnesses. Modern models are lighter and better ventilated, offering greater protection than ever before thanks to technologies like EPP foam which absorbs impacts rather than shattering.

Climbing Chalk

Chalk is an indispensable piece of climbing gear that helps climbers mark holds, prevent slips on wet surfaces, and guarantee a safer climb. There are various chalk types available; make sure you choose one suitable for your requirements.

When selecting chalk for climbing, the consistency is an important factor to consider. Some climbers prefer fine grain while others enjoy chunkier texture. Furthermore, how well the chalk adheres to your hands also plays a role.

Climbers with sweaty hands may benefit from chalk that contains additives designed to absorb moisture. Some chalks, such as Metolius Super Chalk, contain this additive.

An alternative solution is to opt for dry chalk that absorbs moisture from your hands without the need for an additive. However, this type of chalk requires reapplying more frequently during your climb.

Though most climbing gyms have good air purification systems to prevent dust inhalation, some climbers worry about the potential danger of breathing in chalk dust. This could pose an issue for those with asthma and other lung diseases.

Polarized Sunglasses

No matter if you’re mountain biking, kayaking, or hiking, the sun’s glare can be a serious obstacle. Polarized sunglasses help reduce this glare, making outdoor activities like driving, playing sports or working safer for everyone involved.

Polarized sunglasses are coated with a chemical filter that blocks horizontal wavelengths of light. When this reflected light strikes your eye, it can be intense and cause eye strain.

These can cause difficulties with depth perception and color vision, as well as having an adverse impact on how you react in potentially hazardous situations.

Another issue with polarized lenses is they may make LCD screens appear darker than they actually are, making it difficult for pilots and other professionals to read digital numbers on their devices.

Polarized sunglasses are especially beneficial for climbers who must maintain clear vision at all times while on the mountain. Not only do they shield your eyes from damaging UV rays and reduce glare, but they can also focus your mind on what needs to be done next.

Crash Pads

Crash pads are essential equipment for climbers. Not only do they protect against falls and absorb impacts, but they also keep the landing area clean and secure.

When selecting a crash pad, look for one made of tough fabric with an impressive cover. The higher its denier count (measurement of thickness), the better.

Furthermore, crash pads should come equipped with suspension systems such as waist straps or shoulder straps to make them easier to transport. These attachments are often removable but you may find models that stow away when not in use.

When selecting a crash pad, your personal preferences should also be taken into account. Do you prefer something small so it’s easy to transport from place to place? Or are you partial to larger models with extra support for mega highballs?

Travel Coffee Mug

Coffee is essential for climbers, so giving a travel coffee mug makes an excellent present. Not only does it save money and reduce waste by not purchasing takeaway cups, but it’s also environmentally friendly!

Travel coffee mugs are the ideal way to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours on end. Plus, they’ll fit conveniently in cup holders and be leakproof.

Travel mugs typically come in eight or 12 ounces, perfect for coffee, tea and other drinks that are typically consumed in small amounts. However, if you need a larger mug, there are options for 16 and 20 ounces as well.

If you want to save even more money, opt for a reusable coffee mug made of stainless steel. Not only is this type of mug the most durable option available, but it comes in different colors too!

Most reusable travel mugs feature lids that screw on and can be opened and closed without the use of a hand. Some also come with splash-proof or resealable seals, which help keep liquids inside the cup.

Reusable Handwarmers

Reusable handwarmers are an essential piece of climbing gear and make ideal gifts for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors in wintertime. Plus, buying them only once allows you to save money – no need to purchase multiples!

There are various hand warmers available, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Disposable hand warmers are convenient and fast to warm up, but their heat doesn’t last for very long.

But they’re an easy solution when you need to warm your hands quickly, and they’re compact enough to store in backpacks, gloves, or mittens. Additionally, they can be used for warming up sleeping bags or water bottles and even helping warm a camera battery when it turns off due to cold temperatures.

Reusable hand warmers may be more costly than disposables, but they provide a longer-lasting heat source. Plus, reusable warmers tend to be smaller and less bulky than disposables – which may make them more comfortable while climbing.

Sea to Summit Pro Hammock

Climbers or those looking to take a hammock camping trip with their partner should have the Sea to Summit Pro Hammock in their bag. Crafted with durable ripstop nylon fabric, it will withstand even the rigors of an extended trek without tearing.

This Pro hammock set comes complete with a Cordura compression bag and tree straps to secure the hammock between two trees. Weighing just 42 ounces, it’s one of the lightest double hammocks we’ve encountered.

The Pro is an extremely comfortable option, boasting a flat lay that makes it suitable for side sleepers and stomach sleepers alike. Plus, if you need additional weather protection, the Pro’s tarp is lightweight and easy to set up with built-in cord tensioners.

The Pro system is an ideal way to cut back on weight while making hammock camping more accessible for first-timers. It includes all necessary components needed to hang a hammock from trees, making it suitable for both experienced and novice hikers alike.


Music is an integral part of climbing and can help you get into the right headspace during training sessions. Choose from various genres such as rock, metal or classical for music that fits your training schedule. Wireless earbuds are best since there’s no need to deal with tangled cords.

A climbing book that addresses the mental side of climbing is an ideal gift for any climber. This guide will help your loved one conquer their fear of falling and stay motivated toward reaching their objectives.

Giving climbers a gift that they can use while on their climbs is a great idea. For instance, this solar-powered power bench can charge their cell phone, tablet or Bluetooth speaker while they’re out in the woods.

Another popular gift for climbers is music. People listen to music while climbing, which helps take their mind off any pain or pressure they might be feeling. Plus, it makes the experience more enjoyable and entertaining!

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